Our Cats
Sarmicel Cattery started in 1998 with the goal of producing
the best CFA Burmese Cats both as pets and show.  We
have achieved a level of success in both areas beyond even
our best hopes.  Below are but a few of the notable cats we
have had in our cattery.
GC BW Nakodo Joker's Wild of
Sarmicel, DM.
 GC Kawpaw's Lucky
Vanos of Nakodo x GC Nakodo's Dear
Prudence.  "Joker" was our first "show
cat."  Because of he did not turn adult
(8 months of age) until December 11,
2001, we were only able to show him
from Mid-December of 2001 to the end
of April of 2002.  Nevertheless, he was
so successful he earned Best of Breed
honors for the 2001-2002 show year.  
During this time, he had a string of 28
straight rings where he was named
best of breed against the cats that
became Best of Breed for the 2
following show seasons.  Joker's
greatness was not confined to the
show ring.  As a sire, his kittens
earned 17 Grands; 5 Allbreed
Regional Wins (top 25 cats of all breed
in their respective CFA regions) and 1
National Win (top 25 cats of all breeds
nationally, actually his daughter was
the number 6 cat in the nation in the
Premier class).  As a result, he
became only the 2nd non-sable
Burmese male ever to earn the titel of
Distinguished Merit.
GC Sarmicel's Otto Graham. GC BW Nakodo's Joker's Wild of Sarmicel x CH Nakodo Autumn Lily of
Sarmicel, DM.  Otto was a very special kitten.  He did not turn 8 months of age until March of 2004, so his first
show year was less than 2 months long, as the CFA show year runs from May 1 until the following April 30.  
Nevertheless, in that short period, he became the 1st Runner-Up to the CFA Best of Breed for the 2003-2004
year.  In that limited period, he scored 11 all breed Best of Show awards.  He only showed one time after April
30, 2004, but earned so many points in that one outing that he was 1st Runner-Up CFA Best in Breed for the
2004-2005 year as well.
GC BW Sarmicel's Walter Payton.  CH Sarmicel's
Floyd Little x GC Mar-Chu Aaliyah of Sarmicel.  
Walter was Sarmicel's 2nd CFA Best of Breed cat.  
He won his title for the 2006-2007 show year.  He
was an amazing cat with the most extreme "hard
body" I have ever seen on a cat.  He was absolutely
hard as a rock with a painted on coat.  In addition to
his own show success, his first litter of 3 kittens
produced the CFA Best of Breed cat and Regional
All Breed winner; the CFA 1st Runner-Up for Best of
Breed and the 3rd kitten was also a  Grand
Champion that was one of the top 25 All Breed cats
in his own CFA Region.
Nakodo Autumn Lily of Sarmicel, DM.  GC Kawpaw's Lucky Vanos
of Nakodo x CH Acrocats Downeaster Alexa of Nakodo.  "Lily" was our
foundation female.  She became a Disguished Merit female by raising
4 Grand Champions and 1 Distinguished Merit female.
Sarmicel's Lisa Simpson, DM.  Nakodo Just Got Lucky
of Sarmicel x Nakodo Autumn Lily of Sarmicel, DM.  Lisa
was our first DM female having raised 5 Grand
Our Current Team of Males
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GC Sarmicel's Gale Sayers.  Champagne male born 3/16/2008.
GC BW Nakodo Joker's Wild of Sarmicel, DM x GC Mar-Chu
Aaliyah of Sarmicel.  Gale is carrying on the legacy of his father
GC Sarmicel's Ray Lewis.  Sable male born 10/27/2009.
Sarmicel's Emmitt Smith x GC Mar-Chu Aaliyah of Sarmicel.
Sarmicel's Terry Bradshaw.  Champagne male born
12/08/2012. CH Sarmicel's Floyd Little x Sarmicel's Madonna.
Sarmicel's Clay Matthews.  Champagne male born 7/06/2015.  
GC Sarmicel's Gale Sayers x CH Sarmicel's Miranda Lambert
Sarmicel's Joe Greene.  Sable male born 1/14/2012.  CH
Sarmicel's Floyd Little x Sarmicel's Madonna.
Sarmicel's Jason Witten.  Platinum male born 2/28/2014.  
Sarmicel's Merlon Olson x Sarmicel's Martha Reeves.
Sarmicel's Earl Campbell.  Blue male born 3/02/2012.  Sarmicel's
Warren Moon x Jennifer Lopez.
Sarmicel's Marshawn Lynch.  Sable male born 7/06/2014.  GC
Sarmicel's Shannon Sharpe x Sarmicel's Dolly Parton.
Sarmicel's Drew Brees.  Platinum male born 7/01/2017.  GC
Sarmicel's Ray Lewis x Sarmicel's Roberta Flack.